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Vintage Arcade Cabinets Can Cost Thousands. Build a Replica for $249.

Matthew Kitchen |

A few years ago, in a late-night fit of nostalgia, I scrolled eBay in search of that same cabinet. The sole result: one beaten to hell and barely operational for nearly $3,000. I tacked on $300 for shipping and whatever it might cost to get its mechanics running smoothly wallet loudly objected. It seemed my days wielding pitchfork-like Sai as the “cool but rude” Raphael were definitively over.
Then I stumbled on the build-your-own-replica-cabinet kits developed by Arcade1Up, a toy company under the international brand Tastemakers LLC, and discovered I could get the equivalent of a fresh Ninja Turtles machine for $399. I wouldn’t even need a stash of quarters to enjoy it—and shipping is free

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