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Tastemakers, LLC (formerly Wish Factory) is a growing global powerhouse with products available in more than 50 countries worldwide. Specializing in global product development, manufacturing sales, marketing and distribution, Tastemakers continues to shine as an industry leader with its unique and on-trend products. Popular brands include Kawaii Cubes, Hatchimals novelty plush, Rock & Roll figures, accessories and more, along with an exciting lineup of new brand and category announcements coming throughout 2018. Tastemakers’ electrifying line of toys and products continues to generate wishes worldwide.

Our Products

Hatchimals is the hit toy brand from Spinmasters. Tastemakers’ own line of Hatchimals novelty toys includes collectible plush clip-ons & fabulous jewelry based on Hatchimal characters from the Glittering Gardens, the Fabula Forest and more!

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Tastemakers Kawaii Cubes™ are a totally different and adorable stylized twist on the consumer's favorite licensed characters. These new and exciting collectable toys are at the forefront of the popular stackable collectable plush market. The collection is being offered in various sizes.

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The Secret Life of Pets, an Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures film, is a comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave to work or school. Featuring the voices of Kevin Hart, Louis C.K., and Eric Stonestreet, this film is coming to theaters Summer 2016.

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